Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day at the Apple Orchard!

On Sunday my parent's rented out Royal Oaks, which my brother-in-laws grandparent's own. My parent's invited family and we had a lot of fun! Especially since I don't see the Anderson side of the family very much! We all had fun connecting and having the kids play together.

A side note, when you read "Anderson" you might have thought my son. Yes, but "Anderson" is also my maiden name. Though most of my readers already know that. My son always gets a little confused when his cousins call their Grammie, Grammie Anderson. He doesn't understand why they pair Grammie and Anderson together. He always gives a little chuckle about the silliness! Never thought about how complicated it could be for him when I named him Anderson. Though I really love his name! :)

The day was nice and sunny, but a little chilly. So we got all bundled up for picking apples and picking pumpkins! We had a great pulled pork dinner and some yummy fresh baked apple doughnuts! Thanks Mom and Dad for all your hard work and making the day so much fun!

My Dad's new ride! Yes it sits 9 people!

My sister Jenny and Jamie with Ellie Belly!

Getting ready to pick apples

All 5 girls: Meghan, Jamie, Mom, Somer, and Jenny

My dad with Anderson

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  1. Ok, your kids are so darn cute! But you already know that! ;-)

    I have something for you over on my blog ;-)