Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween was a fun filled day! Grammie, Papa, Auntie Meghan, nephews, Auntie Jenny, Uncle Jay, Auntie Jamie, and Uncle Chris all came over for some yummy chili that my mom made. We ate together and then got all the kiddos dressed up and went out trick a treating. It was a cold day that was pretty windy, but the sun helped warm everything up! Cousins: Caleb, Anderson, Timmy, and Austin

Avielle giving loves to Grammie

My insects

Avielle as a ladybug! Isn't she adorable?
Ellie as a bumble bee! I can't believe she kept her antennas on!
Cutie, already has chocolate on her face and we didn't go Trick or Treating yet!

Ryan taking the SWAT team around the neighborhood.
Ellie checking out her candy! It is funny that a 16 month old totally caught on to the concept of Trick or Treating in about 5 minutes. As I was thinking about the concept I thought it was kind of funny that you go to people's houses dressed up and they give you candy!

It was cold outside the kids had to wear their winter coats!After trick or treating we went over to GG and Papa John's house to show the kids off with their costumes. We hurried back and joined the McMahon's and Domier's for some dinner and pictures. Ryan, the kids, and I are all exhausted with our long fun filled day! We need to hide this candy before the kids wake. I don't think I can do another day with another sugar high!!!!! YIKES!

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