Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Books

So I thought I would do a blog on my kid's favorite bedtime stories. They have three very different personalities and Ellie is 19 months younger than the other two, so her favorite books differ from the other two "big kids!"
In the first picture you will see the books You're All My Favorites and The Eensy-Weensy Spider. These are two of my favorite books. You're All My Favorites, talks about Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear telling their three little bears that they are the best bears in the whole wide world. The three cubs begin to wonder, how can they all be their favorites? This is a perfect book for a family who has the third addition coming or has already arrived!
The other book is the Eensy-Weensy Spider. I got this from our fabulous library in Round Lake. Just kidding on the fabulous library! HA! I love this book, because I love to sing. It has the same song with different lyrics. For the most part it holds their attention.

Avielle's Favorite Books

Below is a picture of Avi's favorite books. She is really good at reading Goodnight Moon and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Ryan reads Goodnight Moon with her a lot before bed and he will start reading each page, but she will finish it off by reciting what rhymes with the beginning sentence. When she was little, one of her favorite books was Pat the Bunny. I love the pictures in the book and the interaction the kids get to have. I especially like when the book refers to the mom as "Mummy!" (grin) Lastly, I don't know why, but she absolutely loves Bye, Bye Diapers. I got this book from my mother-in-law and Avi just loved the little song in it!

Anderson's Favorite Books

How Do I Love You, Daddy and Me, and But Not the Hippopotamus, all seem to be books that Anderson loves to read with his dad. I love to read to him Love You Forever. Anderson always laughs at the picture on the cover of the book. He thinks the baby holding the toilet paper is quite funny! Another cute book is called Pretzel. The story always seems to keep the attention of Avi and Anderson and there is a doggy wedding at the end! Harry the Dirty Dog is absolutely adorable, the dog doesn't like baths so he gets really dirty and the dog's family doesn't recognize him until he gets a bath.

Ellie's Favorite Books

Ellie seems to really enjoy reading books right before bed. She gets her pacifier and blanket and rocks with you while you read her a book. She really enjoys pop-up books and books that she can interact with. Like pulling open the flap to see what is behind the front picture. All three of my kids loved, Dear Zoo, Toes, Ears, and Nose, and Who Loves Baby. For Who Loves Baby, you put pictures inside to make your own books. I have about three of these books with my side of the family in one and Ryan's side of the family in another, and we also have the kids friends in another. It is great to work on names with the little one!

Maybe that helped get ideas for books for your little ones? I would love to hear some of your favorite children's books. :)

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