Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday Avi! She is such a joy to have in our lives. Ryan and I couldn't imagine life without her. We know that she is such a little miracle and we are blessed to be able to raise her. As you can tell from the pictures, she is a beautiful 3 year old who loves life. She loves her little sister and her brother so much. Avi and Anderson, for the most part, play well together. They really use their imaginations and make great playmates! Yesterday they were on my stairs with all of my kitchen towels (25 to be exact) and playing boat. They would then go down the stairs and go swimming on the bottom rug. So fun to see that God has put them together to do life. I can't wait to see what God has in store for the two of them.
Avielle Joann, we love you so much!!!!! Your name means, "God is gracious" and He truly is! You are more than we could ever dreamed of as a daughter! I love how excited you get in making others happy. I love that you love to tell others about new things that are going on. I love your smile, hugs, and laugh. I love how you cuddle and play with your dolls. I love how you can be stubborn and like to be the princess. I love how you like to be active and get really hyper right before bed. I love your pretty blue eyes and your sweet voice.
Lots of love,

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