Monday, November 23, 2009

What is that Smell????

The other day I smelled a strange smell in my car and couldn't figure out where it was coming from? Then Chevy (husband) also commented on the smell. Now I'm really good about cleaning out my car daily. I always make sure I find all the sippies and snack traps and wash them at the end of the day. So I told Chevy I'm really not sure on the smell and know that it isn't a old diaper or an old sippy.
Chevy went out to the car and did some more investigation. He found where the smell was coming from and it was in the back seat. In the picture above you can see him unscrewing the seat to get to the smell. Unfortunately we haven't been able to locate the smell. I must repeat, "Unfortunately!" It really stinks in the car.
We both came to the conclusion that it must be a dead mouse. Yep, that's right a dead mouse! How do you think the mouse got in the car? I really don't know, but we sometimes and I won't name names "he" as a tendency to leave the sliding doors open after pulling the kids out of the car, while the car is in the garage. Sometimes when I go to the car in the morning the doors have been open all night! I must say I haven't seen a mouse in the garage as of late, but it might have hopped into the car overnight.
It is just "The Joys of Being a Mother!" A mouse dieing in a car I thought could never happen. I guess I was wrong! Now we will be going on our 6 hour trip to Michigan tomorrow, with this horrible smell. We will smell good for our Michigan family!!!!! After being in the car for a while you kind of get used to the smell!

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  1. Oh wow......I would flip if I found that in my van! I flipped when there was a live bird in our garage and mice scare me even more. Heck, I flipped when there was a spider in the van the other day. Yeah, I'm an indoor girl!

    Happy Thanksgiving!