Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sesame Street is celebrating their 40th Anniversary!!! Can you believe that it has been 40 years? That means that it was on for 10 years before I was born? Hard to believe. More than 440 celebrities have appeared on the popular children's show since Carol Burnett and James Earl Jones became the first two guest stars in 1969. The group now claims Robert De Niro, Richard Pryor, Stevie Wonder and, most recently, first lady Michelle Obama, who appears in the 40th season opener, among its members.

Everyone seems to have a favorite Sesame Street character, whether it's the perpetually cranky Oscar the Grouch, the bright yellow, optimistic Big Bird or one of the other colorful cast members. And if you've ever wondered which character you are most like, there is an interactive quiz to help you find out.

I took the test to see what character that I am on Sesame Street and you guessed it Ernie! Here is the description of Ernie.

Ernie: I sometimes come up with some hair-brained schemes, which tends to test the patience of those closest to me. But it's all because I like to have fun. I am generally the life of a party at gatherings and love a good practical joke.

I agree with the part about liking to have fun. I do love having fun with people and I can be the life of the party in certain ways. I always used to think that I was an introvert, but after becoming a stay at home mommy I noticed that I do need people to keep my spirits high. People energize me and help me to see the positives.

Here is your opportunity to see what character you are. Go to it is a lot of fun! I hope there are not any Oscar's the Grouch! Let me know what character you are!


  1. Okay Somer, I got Oscar! I was just telling Andy that I feel crabby right now, but Oscar, really?!

  2. Pamela, that is so funny! You are not an Oscar, maybe because you are pregnant right now!!!!!! You know how are moods go up and down!!!