Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brushing Teeth, What Is The Big Deal?

Okay as of late, my kids are obsessed with brushing their teeth. Now that they are 3 they moved up to the big kid toothpaste and have a new spin brush. They are learning the proper way to brush their teeth and how to spit in the sink. They insist on putting the toothpaste on themselves. After Anderson is done brushing his teeth he tells me, "Mommy I brushed the front, side, and bottom." In my controlling nature and this nagging feeling I have tells me I need to brush after they have brushed, which I definitely do for Ellie Bellie. Not that I think they didn't do a good enough job, that is exactly what I am thinking, but I don't want their teeth rotting.

Ellie, 17 month old, is the worst teeth brusher or germ transporter. She loves standing up on the bench and dipping her tooth brush into the sink. I'm about screaming inside my mind thinking about all the germs that could be in the sink. Then she likes to borrow her brother and sister's toothbrush. Again I about die inside with disgust.

One day they will understand how disgusting licking toothpaste tops are, sharing cups, and toothbrushes. Then I will just tell them what they did when they were 3 and 17 months! Does anyone out there have a trick on brushing their kids teeth? How can I get them to want me to brush their teeth? Please do share!


  1. Too funny. The girls love brushing their teeth too! I always brush after though too. Bella has always been good about it but Brynn doesn't usually like it. I pretend I'm tickling her and then she just giggles about it. Make them say ahhh like at the doctor and then just "tickle." : )

  2. I've just started brushing G's teeth, and I always sing her a song I learned in 2nd grade health class:

    When you wake up in the morning it's a quarter to one,
    And you want to have a little fun,
    You brush your teeth- ch ch ch ch--
    You brush your teeth- ch ch ch ch.

    It goes all the way til a quarter to five when you just can't wait to "Come alive!" It takes about 2 minutes to sing all the way through, and it entertains her the whole way!


  3. That is funny! My kids love to brush too, and to top it off, my dentist gave Addison a sample of pink mouthwash. She is totally obsessed. I find that if I give them their own toothbrush and then use a different one at the same time, doing the opposite side they are doing, it usually works.

  4. Yeah, I agree with one of the posters above that we give him a toothbrush to use on his own, then we use one to "go over" what he brushed. Nowadays though, he actually goes back and forth with the brush. But we do "taking turns" where he gets one turn, then we do, then he does, etc.

    Cute pics!