Monday, November 9, 2009

This whole weekend we were blessed with some beautiful weather for November, 70 degrees! So the whole weekend we spent outside doing yard work. I was going on a little walk with Ellie and taking some cute pictures of her in her Bear's jersey when all of a sudden I hear my other cutie saying, "Mommy come wipe me!" As you can see from the picture she has her leggings past her knees and a long shirt that covers you know what and some toilet paper in her hands. Thankfully she did go #2 in the toilet, which she always does. I'm also thankful that she didn't come running towards me on the sidewalk, but that her daddy was near by. She just needed a wipe and both of us were outside enjoying the day.

It was just one of those times you just need to laugh and think, "The Joys of Being A Mother." Now I was hoping that known of the neighbors saw and I was shocked I had a camera in my hand to capture this hilarious moment!

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