Monday, November 2, 2009

What a Miracle!

On Thursday, Ryan and I took our little Ellie to her heart doctor. As we were anticipating her visit I thought about where we started with our little miracle 17 months ago. Ellison Cynthia entered the world on June 4, 2008 and Ryan and I witnessed a miracle. I had a wonderful labor and Ellie came so easily. When she was born I didn't hear a cry, but saw a lot of concern on every one's face. My doctor tried to keep me calm and told me they don't know what is wrong but the pediatricians know what they are doing and she is in good hands. Things continued to get worse as they found out that Ellie's oxygen levels were low and they did CPR on her as soon as she left the birth canal. Ellie was delivered at Lake Forest Hospital and was put in their ICU. We weren't allowed to hold her for a very long time.

Now I had a great pregnancy and nothing was detected during the pregnancy that could mean there was a problem. The cardiologist came in to meet with us and told us that he did an ECHO on Ellie's heart and the right side of her heart was really thick and the blood flow wasn't circulating well. I just remember crying so hard as the doctor talked and I was in shock that this was happening. He told us that she would probably need one of many open heart surgeries and that they would probably have her first surgery in three days. He also told us that Ellie would have difficulties throughout her life doing normal activities.

They rushed her that night to Children Memorial Hospital. Ryan stayed by her side the whole time. I healed for the night and joined them the next day at the hospital. That night alone without a baby was horrible. My mom stayed with me, but it was so sad to hear babies crying and knowing that my baby was an hour away from me.

We had a lot of people praying for Ellie and each day we waited to hear what the doctors would say. We met a lot of lovely people at Children Memorial. The baby next to Ellie past away after the second day we were there and that was really hard to see. It truly opened my eyes to another world.

Here is the miracle, the only procedure that Ellie was ever given was oxygen. Ryan and I would watch her levels go up and down and freak out with all the beeping sounds when her levels went low. We had two doctors, one was very cautious and another seemed very relaxed. One doctor wanted to do surgery right away the other one wanted to wait. They both came to the conclusion to wait to see what her heart was going to do. Well, God continued to heal her heart. After 10 days at Children's we were able to go home with Ellie on oxygen. We continued to see the cardiologist and after two months he told us we could take her off of oxygen. The only thing the doctors ever did for Ellie was give her oxygen they said they didn't know how her heart kept healing, but to continue whatever we were doing. We were putting our hope and our faith in the Lord!!!!!! He is the ultimate physician and healer
Ellie is now 17 months and at our last visit the doctor told us that her heart almost sounds normal. The doctors have all told us that this healing doesn't usually happen and that they have never seen this. As I go to her visits, it just reminds me of what a blessing she is and a true miracle from God. I am honored to be able to witness such a miracle and to be able to be her mommy! Thank you God!

I also wanted to say that during our time at Children's Memorial we stayed a the Ronald McDonald House for $5 a day. That was a true blessing!

Ryan and I always like to go out after her doctor's visit and celebrate with something to eat. This time we went to Portillos and we were able to pretend that we just had one child. That is rare. Thank you Mom and Dad for watching Avi and Anderson during all of the doctor's visits.

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