Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Anderson started soccer last week and absolutely loves it! His soccer practice is at 5:00 so when I woke him from his nap last week to tell him it was time for soccer he quickly gave me a smile. Then he told me what he wanted to wear, Adidas sweats, and told me to get his soccer shoes. It was just so fun to see how serious he was about it and how excited he was.

Chevy, husband, was also extremely excited. He took work off early to come see his boy play soccer. Chevy wrote of Facebook, tonight my son's soccer career starts! Chevy placed soccer in high school and then in college. We all know that Anderson wants to be just like daddy and I want him to be just like daddy too!

It was interesting to see Anderson run backwards and to see his attention wonder while the coaches instructed him. His buddy, Bella is also in his class. They really look out for each other and love to hold hands and give hugs. When Bella falls down you will see Anderson going to sit by her and he checks to see if she is alright. They are like a newly wed couple!

Bella and Anderson kicking the ball around. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Around the indoor soccer field there is Plexiglas. Doesn't do much for pictures!

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