Monday, November 23, 2009


On Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to the Millennium Park Parade. Chevy and I ventured out with the three kiddos and drove down to the city! I know your thinking wow you did that with three young kids! I know, Chevy took a little while to convince! Later he told me it was worth going!

We got to the city and parked the car and ran to get a spot to see the parade. When we first got our spot the gentlemen next to us told me that we were in the perfect location, because we would have the best spot for the fireworks. We thought great! Lets stay here and told our Domier friends about this great spot.

As the parade started around the corner, the crowd grew and our nice sidewalk step became flooded with people. Our sweet little kids could no longer see over the gigantic people that stood in the road where the police officer told them to move.

Ryan and I thought there is no way that we can hold three children! Just then this sweet woman next to us looked at Avielle and said I will hold you! We were so blessed by this woman who we didn't even know and how she just jumped in to help us. This sweet woman from Indiana, seen in 4th picture, came to our rescue and allowed Ryan and I the peace of mind knowing they could all see.

This sweet woman interacted with Avi and quickly pointed out that Avielle already had the princess wave down! The whole experience of the kindness of this woman encouraged me to pay it forward and go out of my way and help others. Thank you woman from Indiana who works at the United States Post Office. Thank you for giving up time with your family and helping a fellow family. We will never forget your kindness!

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