Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Florida Part 1

We did so much on our trip to Florida that I thought that I would write about it in parts. Our trip to Florida was spent with our good friends, the McMahon's and we were also able to spend time with Chevy's kind grandparent's, aunt, uncle, and cousins. We spent our first 4 days at my husband's grandparent's house and then the rest of the time we spent in Orlando with the McMahon's. They have two sweet little girl's Mackenzie 3 and Stephanie 10 months. We were all really creative in how we traveled to Florida. Kelli and I took an airplane with our two little babies Ellie and Stephanie. We left Friday morning and got to Florida in the afternoon. Stephanie did pretty well, but was extremely tired so that made her a little fussy. At the end of the plane ride Stephanie fell asleep, but Ellie started acting up, because she was so tired! Ellie did well until the last 10 minutes of the trip.
Here we are sitting in our isle seats with both of our babies!
Kelli let me borrow her roller that attached to the car seat and I was able to roll Ellie throughout the airport. Ellie loved sitting in her car seat and being rolled around. After the first flight I put her in it and she fell asleep for 2 hours. It is a great invention and I would definitely say it was a must for those who travel with their young children.

Lets just say that both Kelli and I are directionally challenged. We got lost going from the airport to Ryan's grandparent's house. Luckily Kelli and I just laughed and finally got to Ryan's grandparent's house much later than we planned. Sorry Grandma and Aunt Dee!

The brave dad's, took the 3, three year old in the minivan and drove straight through to Florida, of coarse taking turns driving. They said the kids were perfect on the trip and slept through the night so nicely! I was amazed by this! Though my Chevy had an interesting start to the trip. He was pulled over by a very angry police officer who gave him a ticket after yelling at him for a while. Poor Chevy! We really think that the officer saw two men driving together with the kids and thought that maybe Chevy and Josh were you know, together! I think that is where the officer's anger came from. Chevy goes to court to fight the ticket at the end of May. I don't care about this officer's view, but you should never yell at someone like that!

Anyways, the dad's and the kids got into Dade City the next day around 10:00. Kelli and I had the evening to adjust the little ones before the men and older kiddos got there. Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Dee made us a yummy lunch that we all ate together and then the McMahon's went on their way to Clearwater to enjoy the ocean.

Stay tuned to part 2!

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