Thursday, May 13, 2010

Florida Part 4

During our trip we were able to visit with Avielle's birth mother or as we call her, her "tummy momma." We haven't seen Avi's birth mother since Avi was born and we have kept in contact over that time. I think we were all nervous about meeting up again, but it really was a special time for both the birth mother and myself. Avi was a little shy during this, but I think it is good that Avi meets her birth mother so it isn't such a mystery later in life. I truly love Avi's birth mother and am so grateful that she chose Chevy and I to be her parent's. Avielle is so loved and she knows that her "Tummy Momma" loves her!

Later that day went to the water park that is near Busch Garden's. It was only $15 to go after you paid to go to Busch Garden's the previous day. We went with the McMahon family and with my cousin Jen and her son Kekai. Our little Ellie stayed home with Aunt Denise, which turned out well, because during the time we went she would be napping. Thank you Aunt Denise and Grandma for watching her. Aunt Denise said that if you looked up "Perfect" in the dictionary you would see a picture of Ellie's face! I'm so glad that Ellie was good for Aunt Denise. I think that all my children are perfect angel's when they are alone, but when you put them together they can be trouble. Ha!

After the water park we made our way down to Orlando where we spent the rest of our trip. Ryan's cousin Brittney also joined us during that time. She helped out with the kids and she really wanted to go to Disney Land.

To be continued.......

Anderson wanted to share the love!

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