Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things Are Changing!

Our Tuesday class, that we have been attending since September has now ended. :( I almost got a little tearful as we left, because I just love the structure of the program and Miss Lauren, their teacher. She has been such a helper to me with my three kids. It is not always easy to go places or do things with three kids, but Miss Lauren would just jump in and spend individual time with my kids while I was with the other two. I have always struggled and have felt torn as I want to give my children each my undivided attention. God has taught me a lot that I can stretch my attention, but when I have special alone time with my kids I try to really interact with them and make them feel special.
Tonight the older two didn't have naps so they went to bed at 7:30 and Ellie wasn't tired yet, because she had a long nap. Chevy and I played with Ellie. She was in her glory just running around and tackling Chevy and I. We colored together and put puzzles together. It was so fun just to focus on her! :)
This coming Monday is my last day of teaching until the fall starts up again. I am one who really like routine, and with our daily routine stopping, it will take time for me to adjust. I know that it will be nice not to rush out the door every morning. When September comes three days aweek the kids will need to be at preschool at 8:00 in the morning! Yikes! I know that Anderson will be ready, but my two girl's as of late like to sleep in!
Here are some more pictures of the children at their last class. The McMahon girls joined our class about two sessions ago. I think they had a lot of fun too!

Ellie gets so excited when we come to class. She runs around the place as if she owns it! I'm thinking that next year I will continue the class with just Ellie, because Avi and Anderson will be in preschool.
Ellie and Steph playing at the sand table together.

Anderson working on the train. We had so many crafts that we did and I just loved that we could make a mess there and I didn't need to make a mess at my house!

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