Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Kid's Names

At Kelly's Corner she is asking parent's to tell how they came up with their kid's names. You might have seen my kid's names and have wondered how we came up with them?
Avielle- I was a 2nd Grade teacher for 5 years and I had a little girl in my class who's name is April and she had a sister named Avielle. I just loved the sound of the name and that I was able to shorten it to Avi. Now some people think that the "A" is long, but it makes the sound of "AU" like in August. Her name means, "the Lord my God is gracious."

Anderson- this one was easy for us, because it is my maiden name. I have three sister and new that the family name was not going to continue on, so my parent's suggested the name "Anderson." Both Chevy and I really liked the name so it stuck. It means "courageous one."

Ellison- or as she is called Ellie. It is funny how Ellison is sounds like Anderson and Ellie sounds like Avi. It wasn't on purpose. I had another student in my class named Josie and her sister's name is Ellison and they call her Ellie. So I stole the names from my student's sisters.

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