Monday, May 10, 2010

Florida Trip Part 3

The third day at Florida we went to Busch Garden's. We met up with my cousin Jen and her son Kekai. Jen and I haven't seen each other since we were 15 years old at a family reunion. She is my cousin on my father's side and we share our Great Grandmother. That would explain her dark skin, the Italian side. Though we are both the same height! Her son Kekai is 2 months older than Avielle and Anderson and Jen and I are only a few months apart. So, it was fun to catch up with Jen and meet her sweet boy Kekai. All the kiddos got along so well and had a blast!

Busch Garden's was probably one of our favorite days and parks. There were no lines and I felt we had the place to ourselves. This park had everything: rides, splash park, and a zoo! It was perfect for the kids and they just had so much fun. Their kids area was Sesame Street, which Ellie just loves Elmo. We were able to meet him and Big Bird, but the girls just wanted to look at them and not give them a hug!
Kekai and Anderson squirting each other!
Kekai on the swings

My very white son!

Avi playing with Stephanie

Wow, look at our brave little girl

Ellie playing in the sand

Kekai, Avi, and Anderson peeking through!

Avi and Kekai

The McMahon family
Taking a ride

My little climber!

The boys in the train Kekai and Anderson

The girls in the train. So precious!

Kelli and I were saying that when we look at our pictures we never see any of us the photographers. So we decided to take a picture of us together.

The hippo is eating Avielle!

Each of the kids won prizes. Jen knew what games the kids could play and that they could actually win! Here are the girl's with their Elmo's and the boys with Big Bird!

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  1. Looks like a great time! I was just telling my mom the other day that I would like to go to Busch Gardens. Can you believe that with the number of times I have been to Florida, I have NEVER been to Busch Gardens!!