Sunday, May 9, 2010

Florida Part 2

At the beginning of our trip we parted from the McMahon's and they went to Clearwater and we spent time with Chevy's grandparent's, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. We had so much fun and it was such a nice break for myself, because of all the helpful hands around. The kids quickly warmed up to all of them and we were so excited about being there. Anderson kept jumping up and down saying he was so happy!
During our time we played outside and played softball. Uncle James was our pitcher and we each took turns catching the ball in the out field. It was such a fun time that even Grandpa came out to play. Cousin Nicole said that it was one of the best days she ever had!
That night there was a big storm and we all headed inside for homemade dinner and the kids played in the grandparen't basement that had many kids toys. The next morning we went to their church and out to the Golden Corrall. Lets just say Yum!
So here are some pictures of our day together! We had so much fun visiting and playing!
Aunt Denise and Grandma

Sister's Nicole and Brittney

Cousin Brittney and Avi

Cousin Nicole, Chevy, and Anderson

Daddy and his girl's.

Uncle James, Nicole, Chevy, Anderson, and Grandpa

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