Saturday, May 15, 2010

Florida Part 6

On Thursday, we went to Disney World, the happiest place for kids, right? Our day there didn't start off so well. As we were driving to Disney World Chevy asked me to get him some sunglasses out of the glove department. I opened it and found a bunch of old snacks stored in it. I quickly realized that there might be another mouse in our car. Now, about a month ago we had a mouse in our car and we trapped it. I thought, great now we have brought a mouse from Illinois to Florida and became really upset. I don't know about you, but when I have a mouse around my belongings I feel very violated! (Luckily there wasn't a new mouse, but these things were from the old mouse.) Starting off the day that way was not fun.

As we get all the kids out of the car we get the two strollers out and then head over to the tram. Then they tell us to get all the kids out of the stroller and then get the kids on the tram and fold the strollers and put the strollers on our laps! When you have three small kids and two strollers this sounds impossible and it takes a lot of effort.

As I'm pulling Ellie out of the stroller I feel something wet. Yes, Ellie pooped through her Minnie Mouse shorts that I had bought for her a month ago and couldn't wait for her to wear to Disney World. After we got off the tram I tell Ryan and we are nowhere near a bathroom. Ryan says lets just change her here on the brick pavement having her stand up. I need to tell you this was a messy diaper! As we are doing this I'm just thinking about the next tram coming in and what do the people see as the enter such a special place that they are paying an arm and a leg to be at? Our daughter and poop all over her bottom!

After we got her all cleaned up we went to go pay an arm and a leg to get into Disney. Now Ryan and I are not in the best moods with each other, just from our morning together. Then we pay $300 dollars just to get into Disney World. We are praying that our day gets better.

The day did get better, but Disney was packed with people. All of the other parks we went were empty, so this came as a shock to see all the long lines. It was a hot day, so it made standing in line a bit difficult. All in all, the kids did really well. We had a lot of fun together meeting the characters and spending time with the McMahon's and Lyman's.

This is cousin Brittney holding Avi during the parade where we saw a lot of Disney character's. The mice from Cinderella all came up to Avi and pointed at her shirt of Cinderella.

It is nice that all the rides at Disney the whole family are able to go on. Now there are a couple that they can't, but not many.

This Anderson on "It's a Small World."

Ellie was so good and took her nap in the stroller.

It was so funny that our friend's the Lyman's were also down in Florida around the same time as us. We met up at Disney World! Who can say that? We ate lunch together and then went on my favorite ride, "It's a Small World." In this picture, Mackenzie and Ellie were saying hi to Katie.

Katie Grace and Ellie having fun together!

We stood in line to meet Aladdin and Jasmine, but when it came to time to meet them Avi really didn't have any interest. Aladdin and Jasmine were amazing they totally played the part of their characters!

Anderson and Mackenzie holding hands

This is Avi's favorite princess

We went and saw Mickey and Minnie's house

They had such cute hats for the kids and if you paid extra they put the kids names on the back of them. This is the cutest picture of the day!

Avi didn't quite like getting her picture with Mickey and Minnie!

While we were walking around Disney I heard some commotion and looked down in the stroller and saw that Ellie decided to sit on Avi's lap!

At 8:00, we sat down to watch the night time parade, which was amazing! They had a 10:00 fireworks show, but we decided to take the kids back. It takes a while to get out of the park, since you either need to take the fairy or shuttle. Then you need to take the tram back to the car. So we watched the fireworks from the parking lot.

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