Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day

My mother was in charge of the Harvest Bible Women's retreat. The retreat was over Mother's Day weekend which was perfect for us mother's to rest and spend time with God. My Mom led the retreat so well! She was completely organized and she did a wonderful job speaking! I'm so proud of you Mom!
The retreat focused on the role of your life. Lucinda talked about the script that God wrote for our lives and becoming the main characters of our lives. It was very motivating and gave hope to know that God is in control of our lives and we need to stop sitting on the side lines and live our lives for Him and to the fullest potential He has written for us.

These beautiful ladies are my Grammie, sister Jenny, and my mom

This is our third annual retreat that we were all together.
left to right: sister Meghan, sister Jamie, sister Jenny, myself, Grammie and my Mom

We went to Sweet Tomato for Mother's Day brunch. Here is GG helping Avi open her juice box.
During the weekend the men took care of the kiddos and then on Mother's Day they brought the kids up and spent a special day with the Mom's.

After our brunch we went back to the hotel and we all went swimming. The kids had so much fun jumping in the pool with their floaties. This summer Anderson and Avi are taking swim lessons I can't wait to see what they learn!

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